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DMI, a society of Catholic women religious with Daughters of Mary Immaculate, is devoted to disrupting poverty in East Africa, India, and Oceania.

DMI is an international humanitarian development organization with its core focus on issues about vulnerable women, children, and young people around the globe. Since its founding in 1984, DMI’s operations have been globally extended and dedicated to serving under-served communities in slums and rural areas regardless of religion or race across five continents and thirteen countries- Brazil, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Malawi, Papua New Guinea, South Sudan, Tanzania, United States of America, and Zambia. 

Today, the Sisters with lay staff, operate missions in Tanzania, Central African Republic, Malawi, Zambia, South Sudan, India, and Papua New Guinea. So far, our global mission has served and reached out to 131,367 families, women, youth, children, and persons with disabilities (PWDs) by covering 2027 villages in 7 program countries. 

DMI works to love and serve unconditionally the poor and the marginalized and helps them to organize themselves, by realizing their dreams, potentials, and needs. DMI works across women’s rights; child rights and child protection; youth development; peace-building; food and economic security; health, and education.

With a strong sense of mission and purpose, DMI global team works tirelessly to uplift individuals and families in the most vulnerable regions of the world, providing essential resources, education, and support. Through their unwavering commitment, they provide vital resources, education, and encouragement to foster resilience and create pathways to a brighter future.

By embracing the inherent potential within every person, DMI Global Mission works towards building a world where all individuals, regardless of their circumstances, can thrive and contribute to their communities with dignity and strength. Motivation and mobilization of women, children, and young people for their empowerment constitute the crux of DMI’s programs and activities around the globe.

Our Vision: Our vision is of a world where everyone especially the poor, lives with dignity and are empowered to guide their own development to prosperity.

Our Mission: To enable underprivileged communities especially women, children, and youth, to become champions of change by providing them with the best opportunities for their education and development.

Our Core Programs: Women development; Youth engagement; Food security; Livelihood; Peace-building, Rehabilitation, and Education are DMI’s major program domains. Gender; Child rights, Child Protection; Inclusion (Disability); HIV AIDS, and Environmental Sustainability will be crosscutting themes. 

The main components of the DMI’s programs include:

  • Organizing women, children, and young people
  • Increasing awareness of Development Issues
  • Identifying Opportunities for development
  • Building skills and capacities
  • Entrepreneurship for economic development
  • Creating linkages to Economic Support
  • Counselling and care-giving
  • Career guidance and improving employability
  • Lobbying, advocacy, and networking

Development Missions at Global Level

South Sudan

Central African Republic

Papua New Guinea

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