The service rendered by the Society of DMI in diverse parts of the globe is mainly focused on education, health, and community development, with a special emphasis on the uplifting of women, children and offering employment-oriented technical education. In order to achieve this, the DMI Foundation has established many Schools, Hospitals, Technical Institutes, Colleges and Universities managed by DMI Foundations(DFT).

DMI Foundations Trust (DFT)

DMI Foundations Trust (DFT) is a strategic organization established by Rev. Fr. Dr. J.E. Arul Raj, the Founder of the Religious Societies of Daughters of Mary Immaculate and Collaborators (DMI), Missionaries of Mary Immaculate(MMI) and Associate Movement International (AMI) to facilitate the strengthening and development of the Charism and the various missions and services.

Vision of DFT Group of Institutions

  • Ensuring global level education standards imparted through emerging technologies and involvement in scientific developments that the participants are capacitated and formed to contribute to the wellbeing of humanity, upholding moral standards and values with a spiritual base;
  • Empowering individuals with knowledge and skills to face the scientifically and digitally enabled generations while loving nature and transforming the earth into a habitable and peaceful place for all.

Mission of DFT Group of Institutions

  • Our mission is to enable young minds with profound knowledge and technology to be globally responsible by creating a skill-based, professional and communitarian ambience which is ideal.
  • To achieve a higher level of academic, technological and professional excellence.
  • To train them to be entrepreneurs and employment generators.
  • To ignite in them environmental sensitivity and responsibility.
  • To cultivate in them the right values, humane qualities and universal outlook.

DMI Foundations (DFT) runs various educational, social, pastoral and health programmes and Institutions in USA, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Vatican City, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Papua New Guinea, and India. It also has plans to start new missions in new geographies such as Argentina, Bhutan etc.

At present DMI Group of Institutions consists of 25 Schools, four Universities, Six Engineering colleges, two Arts and Science colleges, One Poly-Technical College and three B. ED colleges

DMI Group of Schools

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CBSE Schools in India - 17

DMI Group of Colleges & Universities

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