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We, the sisters of DMI, working in Rome- Italy, Brazil and Papua New Guinea consider this as an opportunity given by God to serve Him and our fellow human beings. We believe that real happiness is not derived in amassing wealth or in obtaining success but in helping those who need our support and service.Sincere service done with a smile is always appreciated and the work done by our sisters in these Countries has received sincere appreciation and wholehearted applause by all.

Conducting Prayer Services and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Churches and pilgrimage centres, caring for elderly persons and patients and distributing the Holy Eucharist to enrich their spiritual life, visiting houses of the faithful, helping in church activities, teaching catechism and guiding various church associations are some of the day to day activities of the sisters.

Rome-La Giustiniana

Figlie Di Maria Immacolata
Roma 00123 Via Lodo Vico Settala-54

Email & Phone

Phone: +393661346039

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