Livelihood Program

Vocational Skill Trainings

Technical skills are very crucial for women to take active part in development process. Skill trainings were organized for self help group members and young girls to take up alternate livelihood options and to get employment opportunities. The trainings offered, helped them to become proficient and more confident to take up livelihood programme.

Totally 2,272 women participated in the vocational skill trainings organized in 2012. DMI runs Computer centers at Nagapattinam, Poonamallee, and Danapur to equip adolescent boys and girls with technical knowledge and skills to compete in the job market.

List of Vocational Trades and Number of Beneficiaries

S.No.Nature of TrainingBeneficiaries
1EDP Aeminar by MSME63
4Screen Printing60
5Spoken English15
6Beautician Training30
7Jewel Making118
8Prawn Pickle Making Training15
9Mobile Service826
10lab Technician Course72
11Smart Operator31
12Sanitary Napkin56
13Bee Growing75
14Mushroom Cultivation55
17Nursing Training200
18JCB Training5
19Solid Liquid Training4
Total No. of Beneficiaries2,272

Savings & Internal Loans

The self help group members are encouraged to save money to serve the long term financial needs. The members are encouraged to take internal loans from the group savings for production and consumption purpose as per the regulations of the group. The total savings of the Self help group members in the year 2012 is Rs. 9, 65, 66,494 (Cumulative total is Rs. 1,19,96,78,681) out of which Rs. 13, 15, 49,867 (Cumulative total is Rs. 98, 67, 06,593) has been availed as the internal loans by the members.

The provision of internal loans saves the self help group women from the clutches and exploitation of money lenders and women feel very confident and secured as they have their own savings and support from group members.

Micro Credit Programme

DMI implemented micro credit programme in Nagapattinam and Poonamallee to alleviate household poverty among poor women and tsunami affected families. Totally 140 women were given micro-credit assistance of Rs. 12,11,000. With the help of micro-credit loan, women have started new economic activities and some of them have extended the existing business.

Micro credit is serving its purpose and seems to be a right strategy to reduce household poverty. As the result of DMI’s collaboration with Central Bank of India, 800 self help groups have availed microcredit loans.

Economic Development Activities

Economic development is the first step towards the due social and womens Educational developement. It is for this reason; self help group women are encouraged to take up new economic activities. Besides offering skill trainings and credit linkages, women are guided and motivated to take up alternative livelihoods for self-reliance and economic self –sufficiency.

In 2012, 1696 members are motivated to take up economic development activities. So far, more than 319 women groups are involved in 29 different trades in the target areas. To facilitate the marketing of the product of the Self Help Group promotional activities have been initiated. Weekly, Monthly gatherings and exhibition cum sales were used as strategies to promote marketing of women’s products.

Flower Show at Kodaikanal

The DMI Tamil Nadu Women’s Federation participated in the flower show held at Kodaikanal. Three stalls were hosted by DMI Tamil Nadu Women’s Federation and the products of the SHGs were exhibited and sold. The following products attracted the visitors. Soft Toys, Jute Products, Fancy Items, Masala Items, Fancy Toys, Homemade Chocolate, Oil, Hair Oil, Honey Products, Warm Cloths, Wood Products and Herbal items

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