Founder's Message

Fr. Jesuadimai Emmanuel Arul Raj

I thank my Mother Society of OMI for their continued support and all the Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and all the others who supported in our growth.We thankfully acknowledge the love of the Archbishops of Madras Mylapore until today.I strongly believe that it is the Father, whose Call, has made me what I am today.

It is the Spirit of the Lord who has helped us to follow Him single mindedly; simple and humble while powerfully diversifying our activities in marching towards the Fatherโ€™s Kingdom. The Father whom I believe, the Mother whom I adore and St. Joseph the protector of my family help each and every one of us to proclaim His kingdom. It is my sincere and humble request; we need to understand that we are here because of Him. โ€œIf only you realize and accept you have been called by God by your name, you will change your life without delaying it and following Him unceasinglyโ€.

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