Spirituality of DMI

Immanuel Spirituality

A. Our Spirituality (Constitutions: 8-20)

We march towards the Father’s Kingdom where everyone welcomes the Gospel, which radiates the warmth of the Light of Christ and the joy of the people who are evangelized. This, we bring to humanity through an uninterrupted process of New Evangelization and by the practice of our particular spirituality called “Immanuel Spirituality”. Jesus the Immanuel who came into the world to manifest the love of the Father lived his life according to the will of the Father and accomplished it through the suffering he underwent. We imitate this Jesus who was simple in his lifestyle, generous in his public life, and magnanimous in his self-oblation. We also learn these from the life of the founder and the co-foundress.

B. The Three Pillars

The three pillars of our spirituality are simplicity in our attitude and manner of living, generosity in our service and evangelization; and magnanimity in accepting the will of the Father and worshipping him. We carry an abiding spiritual attitude to our life, ministry, daily exercises of piety and acts of love. In doing so, we remind ourselves and the persons among whom we live, both in the community and in the mission, of the presence of God as Immanuel.

(i). Simplicity

Simplicity is a call to live like Jesus who did not cling to physical relationships but to the kingdom of the Universal Father. In simplicity, apart from our simple life style, we develop attitudes of clarity, lucidity, openness, docility, flexibility, amiability and approachability that keep us ever available to God and His people. Simplicity results in the shedding of all complications and entanglements, found otherwise in human life. This goes with the promise of chastity by which we leave everything of the world to experience the Father and to do His will.

(ii). Generosity

We learn generosity from Jesus who, “though he was rich, yet for our sake became poor, so that by his poverty, we might become rich” (2 Cor.8:9) The Spirit opens our eyes to the need of evangelization of the poor through bringing appropriate technology and spirit-filled scientific advancements towards the socio-spiritual enhancement of humanity. Generosity is the natural outcome of our realization of how much we should limit our own space and to what extent we must restrict our legitimate utilities so that others may have more in their lives. The spirit of generosity leads us to the practice of evangelical poverty and keeps our hearts free from greed and hubris lest we seek worldliness.

(iii). Magnanimity

Magnanimity draws us closer to the Father in prayer, contemplation and obedience to His will. There is no grace outside obedience as we see it in Jesus’ death on the Cross where He willingly handed over his spirit to the Father. Our magnanimity is inspired by the absolute obedience and unconditional submission of Jesus to the Father and His will. “Though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God … but emptied himself … becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.(Phil.2:6-8) Having the same attitude, we magnanimously submit and surrender ourselves to God and the Society through the promise of obedience. It is reflected in our loyalty to the Church and to the Society to which God has called us.

C. Central Place for the Father

Immanuel Spirituality centers around God the Father who is the creator of the universe, who became the source of our salvation by sending His Son our Lord Jesus Christ to redeem and who continues to enrich humanity through the abounding grace He pours through the Holy Spirit. In practice, every DMI missionary is required to have a special devotion and worship the Father with all her heart, especially in the words taught by our Lord Jesus Christ.

D. In Daily Life

Simplicity, Generosity and Magnanimity are captured very strongly in the Cross of Christ which shall remain the center of our life. We strive in our everyday life, in our joys and sorrows, to follow Jesus who had only the business of His Father in his heart and mind. This Father, as reflected by Jesus and as revealed by the Spirit, we meet not only at the two tables of the Eucharist and the Word of God but also in the faces of the poor who rightfully deserve to be “fully human and fully alive”. We also see in nature, the handiwork of the one Father of all.

E. Ecology and Spirituality

Preserving nature and creating an eco-friendly world forms an integral part of our spirituality and missionary life. We the DMI sisters involve in and encourage eco-friendly activities such as planting of trees, conservation and enhancement of nature so as to leave for the future generation a better place to live in, unlike the polluted environment of ours.

F. With Jesus in the World

Our love for God the Father and His kingdom opens our eyes to the emerging world and its scientific advancement. Our spirituality is not blind to new trends, as also to the cost of scientific development such as Ozone depletion, deforestation, rising sea level, and the sense of insecurity caused by nanotechnology, genetic engineering and cloning that are creating a world of suffering. Our spirituality helps us to bring appropriate technology to the emancipation of the poor while guiding the emergence of the new creation and new human race in accordance with the Scriptures.

G. Mary our Model

We honour Mary, our Immaculate Mother as our model. Open to the Spirit, she consecrated herself to God as His lowly handmaid.God gave her Jesus whom she shared with the whole world. Our devotion to her helps us to imitate her life. (Can. 663.4).

H. St. Joseph, The Patron and Protector

St. Joseph the Worker” is the patron and protector of our Society. He, who took care of Jesus when he was young, is also the protector and model of our Society. The humility of St. Joseph and the just life of the foster father of Jesus helps us remain humble and faithful as DMI in fulfilling the Father’s Will.

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