Our Vision & Mission


To usher in a New Pentecost
by making Christ the center of our life and Mission, Celebrating our vocation as consecrated women;

Renewing our prophetic Mission
by leaving our comfort zones and crossing boundaries to be effective witnesses of God the Father and his Kingdom.


  • To develop, nurture and sustain a passionate love for Jesus and to encounter him personally in persons and events;
  • To remain as joyful, brave and consecrated women in genuine communion;
  • To have the mind of Christ and serve with the dispositions of Kenosis (self- emptying) and Koinonia (communion) in our communities and ministries;
  • To expand our hearts and stretch our tents to serve Christ in suffering humanity becoming witnesses of God the Father’s love;
  • To go beyond conventional ministries and launch into frontline ministries so as to actualize God the Father’s Kingdom here and now;
  • To be counter cultural witnesses in a consumerist and conflict ridden world;
  • To meaningfully engage in bringing about peace and reconciliation in homes, countries and the universe, more specifically in the war-torn country of South Sudan.
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